In het Paviljoen van This is Knoll van OMA Remkoolhaas op Salone del Mobile 2017 stonden de prachtige sublistyle schermen van Studio Sabine Marcelis.

Designboom schreef: the pavilion uses marble walls from solid nature and glass panels by sabine marcelis, to create a range of surfaces that alternate between transparent and opaque, organic and artificial. the stand has been conceived as a hypermodern version of mies van der rohe’s structures and drawings — focusing on chromatic effects, stylistic twists and timeless furnishings. the itinerary inside the booth reveals signature classics alongside knoll’s new products



In de tuin van de gallery van Rossana Orlandi tijdens Salone del Mobile 2017 stond o.a. dit prachtige sublistyle design van Germans Ermics.

Sightunseen schrijft hierover in hun artikel The Best of the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair:

When you’re on the ground at the Milan Furniture Fair, things can seem like a total blur — you’re walking miles a day, eating on the go, drinking too much wine, and seeing more new things than your brain can actually process at once. Which is why we love doing round-ups like these — organizing all of our favorite things into one (or two or three) places makes us realize just how great last week was, what trends are emerging (we’re looking at you fringe, rust, lilac, and fiberglass) and what an interesting place design is at right now. Here’s the first of our posts chronicling all the wonderful things we found.